As a leading global supplier of spoilers, we strive for success, efficiency and strength for growth. We focus on our core competencies in spoilers and fender flares. P.U Tech started as a contract tool designer and fabricator in 1974; initially focusing on the production of thermoplastic injection molds, blowing molds, compression molds, extrusion and stamping dies.

Year 1981 marks the paradigm shift in our company as we embarked into the manufacturing of extruded PVC side molding and polyurethane spoilers. The product portfolio was also expanded to include steering wheels, arm rests and many other automotive accessories. We landed a good position in supplying some of these products to OEM market in Malaysia, Australia and Sultanate of Oman.

As we progress with the success of the polyurethane spoilers, P.U. Tech decided to penetrate into the blow-molded ABS spoiler business in 2002 that has been our core business sector until today. Over 97% of our spoilers are produced by blow molding while the remaining is manufactured by urethane dispensing and injection molding.

We believe that “Excellent Facilities Produce High Quality Products” and “High Quality Products Begin With Excellent Toolings”. We strive to maintain consistency in the quality of our product.

At A Glance

  • The Start in 1981
  • Supply OEM & aftermarket products to 3 different continents
  • Expanded into the blow-molded ABS spoiler
  • Excellent facilities with high quality production
  • Strive to maintain quality consistency


The company is on the prowl for more warehouse space; Our distribution center at East Berry, Fort Worth is already running out of space due to the ongoing expansion. In September 2013, we have moved into a bigger and better facility with more space. With over 55,000 sq ft of storage space, this newly completed facility in the City of Kennedale, Texas, will allow us to stock more products, fulfilling larger orders and improve our efficiency.
We provide free drop ship services to UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. Purchasers are required to provide us the labels of specific items by fax or email. For bulk order, goods pick up are to be arranged by purchaser. The purchaser pays all freight charges and shipping costs.
We do provide free service to send products for painting colors not available or not listed in our inventory. An external contractor will manage these paintings. Nevertheless, we encourage purchasers to contract their own painting service to cater their business.




Our state of art manufacturing facilities covers over 90,000 sq. ft. from tool designing to packaging, we handle them all. Our unique and effective manufacturing system strengthens our position as a global supplier of our broad range of products.
Our tooling department is well equipped with 3D scanning arm and CNC milling machines. The molding section has three blow molding machines of various capacities and a 1,000 T high pressure thermoplastic injection machine for production of fender flares. With a conveyor capacity of 1,000 spoilers, our painting department ensures a smooth flow in our production line.
Apart from producing our own range of products, we also work closely with our customers to develop new and innovative products to meet their specifications and requirements.